MagicPure Alkaline ORP Antioxidant Water Filtration System (6 Filters)
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Brand MagicPure
Size (L x W x H) 18 cm x 45 cm x 47 cm
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Product Name : MagicPure Alkaline ORP Antioxidant Water Filtration System (6 Filters)

Product Code : BF1B13

Price : RM 1688.00


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Service Life    


Filter 1 = 1 Year

10” Bio-Tect Sterasyl ceramic Cartridge

* High Efficiency Filter

   - 99.99% plus. Bacteria, cyst and particles.

* Long Life / Value for Money

   - Cleanable filter surface for prolonged life.

* Anti-bacterial Action

   - Proprietary system to prevent bacteria growth.

      No boiling required

* Retains Essential Minerals

   - Keeps the minerals beneficial to health

* No Power Required

   - Cost effective to run. Protects without power

         NSF Standard

         BS EN ISO 9001:2008



Filter 2 = 1 Year

11” Korea In-line Pre-Carbon Filter (U Type)

This pre-carbon filter made of high purity activated charcoal with superior porous removes organic chemical substance including remaining chlorine contents in the water and assist the function of membrane as well as increasing lifespan 


Filter 3 = 1-2 Years

11” Korea In-line Silver Carbon Filter (U Type)

This Silver Activated Carbon filter inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter media bed. The addition of silver in the GAC of this filter has brilliant performance of Anti-Bacteria.


Filter 4 = Permanent

11” Purisys Korea In-line π (Pi) Energy Filter (U Type)

Create water that is most similar to living body water with strong anti-oxidation effects and keep your body from oxidation attack. It made with smallest molecule cluster and to be absorb directly into cell membranes


Filter 5 = 2 Years

Natural K5633 ORP Antioxidant Converter

The Advanced Nano Technology combined with titanium and far-infrared ceramic helps to increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water. The small molecular water structure and the ORP energy water promote vitality, beauty and immunity.


Filter 6 = 2 Years 

11” Purisys Korea In-line UF-Membrane (U Type)

UF Membrane filter which has as small as 0.05-0.3 micron pore size is well suited to remove bacteria, clay, particle, materials, however, the containing minerals in water pass through UF Membrane filter having a superior water purification capability.


Warranty : 1 Year